Legend of Eternal Fantasia: Final Tale – Chapter 0 (She Fell from the Sky)

When a girl falls through their favorite bar’s roof saying that she’s escaped horrific experiments, the once heroic patrons of The Crimson Boar have one last mission: infiltrate the enemy airship, rescue her brother, & stop the evil empire that conquered their city!

  • Game Master: Randy Pinion
  • Game System: Fate Core (Modified)
  • Players: 6
  • Date and Time: Thursday, August 1 at 10:00AM
  • Location: TBD!
  • Longer Description: In this JRPG-inspired action-adventure, the weary patrons of the Crimson Boar Inn are all that remain of the freedom fighters who once tried to rebel against the invading Anarxos Empire who have conquered their homeland. Though most have given up hopes of ever freeing their beloved city from the Anarxians, the group is roused to action when a mysterious, magical girl plummets from the occupying airship overhead, straight through the roof of their beloved bar. Claiming to have barely escaped horrific experiments being performed above the vessel, she begs their aid. Can the Crimson Boar Irregulars find the heroism within themselves for one last mission? It’s a tall order: infiltrate the fortress-like airship, find and rescue her brother, and deliver them both to safety once more. It’s the kind of thing heroes are made of, though. Are YOU brave enough to take on the Anarxians?
  • Extra Info: In Legend of Eternal Fantasia, the usual Fate Core rules are modified heavily. The pre-gen characters have only the most basic Skills, though they also come equipped with a couple of special abilities. The true meat of the game lies in its “Job Schemas,” reminiscent of Job- or Class-systems from games like Final Fantasy. These Job Schemas improve your Skills, add new Stunts, and can even grow more powerful over the course of the game! Feel free to look over the character sheets and available Job Schemas for this one shot below. If you have any questions, just let us know!