The Haunting of Sturmfell Manor

A generation ago, you lost your life to the insidious darkness that dwells beneath Sturmfell Manor, but your soul was bound to the very foundations of the building. Now, a new family has purchased the decrepit home–can your harrowed spirit frighten them away before they share your fate?

  • Game Master: Randy Pinion
  • Game System: Fate Core (Modified)
  • Players: 6
  • Date and Time: Friday, August 2 at 3:00PM
  • Location: TBD!
  • Longer Description: Decades ago, your family was cruelly taken by the malevolent darkness that lurks beneath Sturmfell Manor; ever since, you have haunted its shadowed halls, a ghostly remnant trapped in eternal purgatory, reliving your final days over and over again. Except now. . . something has changed. A new family has purchased the old manor and moved in. Rooms are not as you remember them. And somehow, your spirit reawakens enough to realize: they are in danger. Though it drains your spiritual essence to affect the real world, you feel compelled to try to communicate with them somehow. If you cannot drive these poor souls away before the darkness stirs, they will join you in forever haunting Sturmfell Manor. This session uses room discovery mechanics similar to Betrayal at House on the Hill, on top of the base Fate Core rules.
    Extra Info: In The Haunting of Sturmfell Manor, you will spend the early game exploring your old home as spirits, rediscovering rooms and learning how the new owners have changed the layout in a room-discovery mechanic very similar to the boardgame Betrayal at House on the Hill. As the game proceeds, a deeper mystery will begin to unfold. . .